Tallinn Chamber Choir –
the first chamber choir in Estonia

Tallinn Chamber Choir (TKK) is a concert choir from Estonia known for its high-level vocal culture and musical quality. The choir was established in 1962 as the first chamber choir in Estonia.

In its early years, the choir functioned as an experimental choir composed of professional musicians. Its purpose was to introduce new compositions and enrich the national radio music library. The choir included several prominent composers, giving the Tallinn Chamber Choir the honour of premiering numerous Estonian works that have since become choral classics.

Today, the Tallinn Chamber Choir mainly consists of enthusiasts from various professional backgrounds who share the goal of creating quality music and preserving and promoting the heritage of Estonian choral music both domestically and internationally.

The choir's repertoire encompasses a wide range of music, including secular and religious, ethnic, contemporary, and classical pieces from both Estonian and foreign composers. The choir continues to receive recognition at both international and domestic competitions for its high artistic level.

As of 2020 the conductors of Tallinn Chamber Choir are Heli Jürgenson and Kärolin Tuisk.